#1: Day 1 is go!

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It’s day one of ten days jam-packed with young musical talent from all over the world, with 600 applicants competing for the 24 first round places in the categories of violin, clarinet, and flute. So far there is notable diversity amongst competitors in both country of origin (from the USA to Japan) and gender, an extremely positive sign for the concert stages of the future. 

Clarinet participants aim to set themselves apart in set works by Debussy, Brostöm and Spohr, pieces ranging from the fiercely virtuosic to the intimately plangent, requiring both stamina and delicacy. Judges and commentators have so far been united in expressing a preference for individual artistry, ‘joy and passion’ over standardised perfection, noting that since the foundation of the Nielsen, the overall playing standard has risen higher and higher, making it even more vital that soloists bring ‘their own world’ to ignite the audience and jurors. The X Factor, according to judge Paul Meyer and Nielsen director Jacob Soelberg, is reminding jurors exactly why they’ve dedicated their lives to music. At this stage in proceedings, it’s all to play for. 

Stay tuned!

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