#3: Win Before Playing

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Rune Most, one of the distinguished judges on the Nielsen Flute panel, expressed this morning that judges often know who the winners are the moment they arrive on stage before they’ve played a note. And that’s not because of the bios competitors supply with their applications, but because of the energy that arrives with the player. If true music is between the notes, as Mozart claimed, then spirit is before and around them. This energy, communicating differently in individual competitors, was particularly apparent in the candidates that progress to the next round as announced this evening. The confidence of authenticity and genuine discovery was obvious in the warm smiles of genuine enjoyment that passed between Joséphine Olech and her collaborative pianist Seung Won Lee; in the fluid physicality of Marianna Julia Żołnacz, in the edgy, controlled excitement of Rafael Adobas Bayog and the contained delicacy of Livia Duleba. Notably, strong ensemble work has been consistent in this two-day first round. This is particularly impressive given that whilst competitors spend a great deal of time planning and perfecting their individual presentations, as a duo, performers sharing this pressured platform have usually just met hours before, and had minimal rehearsal. But as Bernstein said," to achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time." We’re sure greatness is in store.

Round Two Competitors:

  • Rafael Adobas Bayog, 21, Spain
  • Marley Eder, 27, USA
  • Matvey Demin, 25, Russia
  • Lívia Duleba, 29, Hungary
  • Erika Macalli, 23, Italy
  • Maël Marcon, 22, France
  • Ruofan Min, 24, China
  • Joséphine Olech, 24, France
  • Aleksandra Pleterski, 25, Slovenia
  • Tomasz Sierant, 23, Poland
  • Yuan Yu, 17, China
  • Marianna Julia Żołnacz, 20, Poland

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