#2: Grand Tier – Second Circle

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The competition is heating up! In the spiral of ascending achievement, our clarinet contestants are one step closer to their goal. After a thrilling two days of playing, the judging panel has voted and come to their decision on the outstanding clarinetists who will pass to the second round of Nielsen. Audiences of the first round have witnessed technical mastery and some passionate performances, a tribute to all who’ve played thus far. Congratulations to all those selected to progress, the excitement for the next round is building. 

Round Two Competitors:

  • Andrzej Ciepliński, 25, Poland
  • Han Kim, 22, South Korea
  • Ann Lepage, 22, France
  • Aron Chiesa, 22, Italy
  • Christina Mateo Sáez, 23, Spain
  • Víctor Díaz Guerra, 22, Spain
  • Yuhsin Galaxy Su, 19, Taiwan
  • Wooyun Kim, 26, South Korea
  • Jonas Lyskjaer Frølund, 22, Denmark
  • Blaz Sparovec, 24, Slovenia
  • Ivan Tikhonov, 24, Russia
  • Gerbrich Francine Meijer, 21, Netherlands

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