Previous winners

Discover the previous winners of the Nielsen Competition!

Jiyoon Lee

2016 Violin Competition (joint winner)

Liya Petrova

2016 Violin Competition (joint winner)

Sebastian Jacot

2014 Flute Competition 

Sergey Eletskiy

2013 Clarinet Competition

Olga Volkova

2012 Violin Competition

Adriana Ferreira

2010 Flute Competition

Olli Leppäniemi

2009 Clarinet Competition

Hrachya Avanesyan

2008 Violin Competition

Alexandra Grot

2006 Flute Competition

Olivier Patey

2005 Clarinet Competition 

Hyuk Joo Kwun

2014 Violin Competition 

Pirmin Grehl

2002 Flute Competition 

Alexander Fiterstein

2001 Clarinet Competition 

Masaaki Tanokura

2000 Violin Competition 

Leor Maltinski

1999 Violin Competition (NY) 

Karl-Heinz Schütz

1998 Flute Competition 

Spyros Mourikis

1997 Clarinet Competition 

Adele Anthony

1996 Violon Competition 

Nikolaj Szeps-Znaider

1992 Violin Competition

Alexei Kochvanets

1988 Violin Competition 

Osamu Yaguchi

1984 Violin Competition 

Kathleen Winkler

1980 Violin Competition 

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